Monday, July 4, 2011

Get a Big Bite at Bulldog Burger

It was a Saturday night about 7:30 pm and I was in the Aventura area going to a pizza joint recommended by a fellow blogger. I was disappointed when I drove by to see that the place was closed. Saturday night? 7:30 pm?

Honky Tonk Woman: Full size burger topped with Pulled Pork, Cheddar Cheesse, Fried Pickles, & Cole Slaw
I needed a new place to go to and remembered hearing that "top chef" Howie Kleinberg's new Bulldog Burger in North Miami was open and just a couple of miles down US 1 to 154th Street. I was in the mood for a good burger anyway.

The sweet aroma of bbq hit me as soon as I opened the door and I knew I was going to have a gastronomically good time. The burger joint is in the next bay of the strip center attached to Howie's other restaurant, Bulldog BBQ. In fact, you enter through the bbq restaurant into an adjoining room where there are several tables with chairs.

The place is clean and not over decorated; with framed chef paraphernalia touting the owner's tv persona. We were pleasantly greeted and served our drinks while we checked out the menu which consisted of a single sheet attached to the front of the bbq menu. It contained about eight different signature burgers. I was practically drooling as I looked over the list and chose the $9 Black Angus Burger. Michelle isn't really big on burgers so she chose a $20 8oz skirt steak but we were shocked when our server explained that both items came with no sides. I added fries for $4 and Michelle got an ear of corn for an additional $2. Michelle's did come with cornbread.

$20 skirt steak with no sides. Add $2 for an ear of corn.
The burger was better than average and worth the $9 but a little pricey when you add an order of fries and it comes to $13. Michelle stated that she never heard of a skirt steak coming without sides. When we got home we checked out the menu online and found that the skirt steak does indeed come with sides: (Served with Carolina Slaw, Cornbread, and Choice of Side)

If the menu has changed Chef Kleinberg needs to get on the ball and update his website with the new pricing.

The bottom line: Good food, good service. Some outside eating on an overcrowded walkway. Some people might not like having to walk closely to large dogs lounging in the walkway where they have to step over them to get to and from the front door.

Check it out and leave your comment.
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